Catherine Kelly


CATHERinelilysmallI joined SARDA in 2005 being a keen mountaineer with a love for dogs. I am also a member of Ballycotton Coast Guard Unit.
I spent six months literally lying around on a mountainside taking it all in, before deciding to train a dog myself.
I got Lily as an eight-week old pup. She is a border collie cross. My other dog Daisy had lived with us for ten years before Lily came along. I did have concerns about introducing a new pup but Lily settled in just fine. She now assists Daisy who is deaf by going to find her in the garden to let her know her dinner is up!! It has been a long journey and I’ve learned a lot, running around a mountainside in the cold and rain after a dog does give its rewards!!!
Catherine and Lily qualified as search dog team after assessment in The Comeraghs, Co. Waterford, May 2009. —
Catherine and Lily achieved the Full Search Dog grade at the assessments held in the Mourne Mountains in October 2011.