Dave Geoghegan


Dave Geoghegan originally came to Sarda through obedience training. After making contact with Sarda in 2005, he spent some time working with his German shepherd, Rocky. Dave says the dog never came near making the grade, but he learnt a lot trying to train him!
It was a different story with his next dog, Sheba, whom he got for free through an ad in the local paper. Sheba is suspected to be a lab/collie cross and was a promising puppy from early on. Dave started training Sheba when she was 4 months old, and she proceeded quickly to advanced level.
After one failed assessment, Dave and Sheba successfully qualified as a novice search dog team in May 2009. Less than a year later, they achieved the full search dog grade, and are currently the only team in Ireland holding this qualification. Meanwhile, they have responded to a number of call-outs. Dave is also a member of the Galway Mountain Rescue team.
Dave thinks little and often is the best approach to training a search and rescue dog, as well as lots of play when they’re young!