Denis Gough


DENIS AND HIS DOG “BONZO” I am from County Cork. I joined the Sarda family in January 2004. I had to be “dog’s body” for the next 6 months in all weathers, during which I learned a lot about dogs and how they searched. I started training my first dog, a German shepherd “Ben”. I retired him to a lovely home in North Cork after two years as he was not suited for search work.     For the next year I continued to body for Sarda helping my colleagues train their dogs.     Since 2004 I’ve completed my first aid course, mountain skills course, search skills course, search management course, radio handler’s course, water safety course, and a VHF radio course. I’ve also done a dog trainer’s course and dog behavioural handler’s course.        After a while I purchased my present dog, an 8-week old collie/spaniel cross “Bonzo”. I took him on his first training weekend to Doolin as a 14-week old pup just to socialise him. Since then he passed both his obedience and stock tests. Training is going real well with Bonzo. But I just need to work on my own skills. I continue to learn more and more from my fellow team members each day, and hope to qualify in the near future.     I am a full member of Sarda where the team-work and craic is second to none.