Peter Desmond


Peter initially joined SARDA Ireland some time ago as “dogsbody” he subsequently got his dog Ramba who now is very close to assessment. Hi my name is Peter. I am from Cork City. I have a border collie cross whose name is Ramba. I got her from a friend. She is now three years old. I got involved with search and rescue training through Gary who lives across the road from me. I started out as a dogsbody for Gary and his dog Zeus.peterdesmond

I got involved id say around three years ago at this stage. We go training once or twice a week mainly on Wednesday nights or Sunday mornings at Watergrasshill or the Vee. Dogsbody has its advantages and disadvantages. Its advantages are you can have a nice laugh to yourself watching the person searching struggle up the mountain to find you. You can lie down in the bivvy and fall asleep, read a magazine or listening o a Discman. The only disadvantage is the midgets in the summer they are the most annoying things ever. At the start I didn’t like training in the woods or on the mountain at night that much but now I don’t mind it although I do hear and see the odd thing which I am sure anyone from SARDA in Cork will gladly tell you. Since I joined I have made lots of new friends and learned many new skills such as to navigate on a mountain, map reading, how to understand my dog more and how to search areas. Most of my friends and family think I am mad going out training in stormy weather or going into woods at night. People don’t realise how fun and exciting it really is until you get involved.

Since I began training I have come to think that my dog isn’t as stupid as I first thought she was. What the dogs can do I find amazing and look forward to the day when my dog and I are qualified. I would like to thank everyone who has helped in anyway in my training be it as dogsbody, giving advice or driving me somewhere. It is much appreciated. I will keep you posted on my dogs progress. Ramba is now after two years intensive training going great guns and at this rate she should be going forward for assessment by the end of the year. NB Peter and Ramba were recently assessed and only narrowly missed qualification .im sure they will qualify as a search dog team in the near future.