Trevor Hornibrook


Trevor Hornibrook says that after rescuing a 2 year old German Shepard Zac from the animals home in 2002 I joined Sarda hoping to train him as a search and rescue dog . Unfortunately because of serious neglect and mistreatment by previous owners Zac wasn’t the ideal candidate for training . So we just decided to keep him as a pet, but at this stage I was very much involved in the work of the handlers and their dogs . I was regularly taking part in training exercises and being a “dogs body”. I eventually got a pup in 2002 and began her training at ten months . After training for some time Holly made great progress, she loved searching and her ranging ability is second to none although her indication initally was’nt spot on but with a lot of determination this was solved . The guidance and advice from the other Sarda members helped greatly with this matter.

Through Sarda I have made great friends ,have seen some amazing places and learned more about mountaineering and dog training than can be found in any book. It is a great privilege to be part of an organisation that does such good work . As time and training exercises progressed I was very happy with Holly’s search work . Holly (January 2005) passed both the stock and obedience tests with flying colours which was another step on the road to becoming a search dog. The next step Holly and Trevor took was a major one their assessment which was held in Oughterard Co Galwat over a three day period in March of 2006. After three though days in difficult weather conditions they qualified as a search dog team with a magnificent performance which impressed assessors from both associations.

Since then Trevor and Holly have assissted in various searches around the country and continue to train as hard as ever in order to maintain the highest of standards,On a personal note 2006 has been a very exciting year for the Hornibrooks with the birth of their daughter. Congrats toyou both from all your colleagues and friends in Sarda.