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Dedicated to the training and deployment of Air Scenting Search and Rescue Dogs, SARDA Ireland’s objective is to assist in the search and rescue of missing persons on the hills or wherever they may be.

SARDA Ireland is a voluntary 999 / 112 emergency search and rescue organization concerned with the training, assessment and deployment of Air Scenting Search and Rescue Dogs to search for missing persons. Our dog teams, which consist of the handler and their dog, search anywhere in Ireland and are effective in the mountains, woodlands, rural and urban areas, waterways and seashore, as well as in locating accident or disaster victims.

Search And Rescue Dog Association (Ireland) was set up in 1987 as a Registered Charity (No. 11172) and is a member of:

Mountain Rescue Ireland www.mountainrescue.ie

NSARDA [National Search And Rescue Dog Association] in the UK www.nsarda.org.uk which comprises SARDA organisations in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

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