Lisa Joyce




I have been involved with SARDA for 2 ½ years. Starting out as a ‘’body’’ for 6 months and then preparing Chewie for trainee search dog test’s. Being a ‘’body’’ allowed me time to observe the different dogs and handlers and the way each dog team works. Chewie is a beagle x springer spaniel with high energy and a high play drive. She received her Trainee search dog disc after completing a stock test and obedience test. Her training now is to prepare her to become a qualified Search dog. I also have to undergo training and completed a Mountain skills 1 course and have up to date first aid certificate and cardiac first responder training. I hope to complete Mountain skills 2 in the near future. I am a full time Registered Veterinary Nurse with The Irish Bluecross Animal Welfare Charity. I am also Vice Chairperson of the Irish Veterinary Nurses Association. SARDA training combines my love of working and training dogs, with the very worthwhile and serious role of Search and Rescue.