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Welcome to, I hope you have a great day today, I want to talk about a watch that I really don't know what to think... We're talking about the Rolex Explorer 114270. today is about this replica watch and what I think about it. Let's start with the history of the Explorer We don't need to tell you much about the brand replica Rolex Explorer is a very old Rolex line that started in 1953 and became famous after climbing Mount Everest, I think this replica watch aaa is hard to measure I have reviewed a lot of watches replica but never this hard to evaluate because it follows the "less is more" theme. " theme, but sometimes I think "is less really more? I don't know. Let's start with the case.

214270 Rolex Explorer Mens Automatic Black Quarter Arabic

The 36mm Watch

That is one of the specialties of the replica watch it is the 36mm case which is actually the last sporty Rolex in 36mm and the only one available in 36mm with the Milgauss, a reference that was manufactured until 201011. The 36mm is really small is not for everyone and I can see why Rolex has expanded the reference because it is small. That's what it looks like on the wrist I have relatively small wrists so it fits me perfectly I wear the replica watch aaa on a NATO wrist strap but we would go with a real steel strap I think it looks cool on the strap If you are interested in these straps, visit There are quality NATO straps, Velcro straps, and those that are reinforced here with ultra-thin NATO belts so they don't break. So it's hard for me to assess this watch like I said the 36mm case is the typical oyster case really nothing special, the top surface is satin and polished, the sides are polished, we don't have a functional normal bezel, definitely a normally raised bezel. So to speak we have sapphire glass, simple dial, simple hands... In a sense, the replica watch is very simple.

The Iconic Dial

That makes it difficult. The dial is a normal Rolex sports dial it's the iconic replica Rolex Explorer dial with 3, 6, and 9 in white gold and white paint actually not luminous quality, it's just white paint. .... The hands are the classic Mercedes hands like the Submariner or GMT Master has, that really is. Not too much to say. We have the normal three-hand action, no date, we have absolutely no other functions, no fun, and we have absolutely none. I find this replica watch on the one hand so special and representative for Rolex as a brand, and I find it already too much. The reason Rolex was the new product of the town at least in the 50s to 60s. They tried to do everything differently or cheaply because Rolex did not use much money and they had to find elegant solutions, and I think this watch is the best example because it is like a combination of all the parts built into Rolex other watches put into a new replica watch ...... It's as if Rolex said, "We need a climbing to watch what do we do?" "Let's take the case of the Datejust 36 with a slightly different index on the Submariner dial, which we'll call the Explorer... We use the Submariner's hands.

Professional Functions

We don't need a functional bezel." Do as Explorer1. Submariner also came just like this, but I think the tool watch itself is not beautiful in design but because function trumps design tool watches replica are also cool because it has a story and must have a certain flair, while dress watches are beautiful. With this watch, I can't pinpoint what it is because it is so simple, almost like a wearable watch it is small and thinky, no functions... No chronograph, no bezel... Nothing. A little disturbing, but it's still a tool replica watch... The most simplified tool watch you can buy it's cool... But I wouldn't buy ..... But I would ... 馃 wisp my question is also the price. So far you can buy it for 4500 to 4900 pounds and now you can't buy it for less than 5.500 to 6.500 scandium (sometimes more than 7000 pounds)? That's just too much for this thing. On the other hand, this is only the market and the last 36mm sport steel Rolex and: is it a sporty Rolex? What can this watch do? It won't dive because it doesn't have a rotating bezel, no second time zone because it can't step in several time zones, no chronograph, no regatta crown, no helium valve... There is nothing to establish it as a tool replica watch but has those Mercedes hands therefore it is very readable, but readability is the only criterion for a tool watch.

The replica watch can perform an actual function, but what is this function? What function does it have that causes every watch to have a chronograph function, correct me if I'm doing it wrong! All in all, I can say that this watch is a cool addition to all collections. If you think this is the watch you want to buy, then I have some suggestions for you. The 36mm replica Rolex Explorer is available in two models 14270 and 11472 those watches are almost identical except for the movement, luminosity, and end bracelet. The newer watches replica have a large number of end chains and have superluminova or luminova older tri. the newer models no longer have perforated belt links and the newer models have new movements but is that interesting? It is a nice replica watch and everyone should put it in every collection... There is no reason why one shouldn't have this watch because it fits everyone and is cool and is an everyday watch... But I just don't understand who this watch is aimed at. If you want a watch like this I recommend the 114270. The link to the is in the description you can buy it here I search all watches and the is the cheapest replica watch in the explorer 1 model.

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