A large-scale search was launched after a man, suffering an earlier head injury, became disorientated and went missing.

The 62-year-old was found this morning by a Kent Search and Rescue search dog team.

He was discovered on top of a high ledge in Dover at 10.30am. The precise location has not been released.

James Dunn, search manager for Kent Search & Rescue said: “This was a very tricky rescue for our teams.

“It took about an hour to extract the patient by stretcher.”

He was discovered in a “seriously ill” condition in an area where there was no vehicle access.

The volunteers and Kent Police had to move him quickly and safely to a location where he could be attended by paramedics. He was treated at the scene before being evacuated to hospital.

The man, whose identity is not for public record, had suffered the injury 48 hours earlier, and became increasingly disorientated before he disappeared late on Thursday night.

Mr Dunn added: “We knew he was ill and needed urgent care.

“A Search Dog Team had been tasked to search a nearby area.

“They heard a single cry for help and moved location to try and trace the source of the cry for help.

“Despite calling out there were no further calls of help and the Search Dog was dispatched to start a systematic search of a large wood on a steep bank.

“The gentleman was thankfully found shortly after.”