SARDA National Training

National Training Weekends

These are held during the Autumn to Spring months when the weather is cooler to facilitate the work of the dogs. Each year six or seven weekends are organised.

SARDA Ireland Training Calendar 2019

  • January 12th – Cork Collection
  • February 8th to 10th – Wicklow
  • March 8th to 10th – Kerry
  • April 26th to 28th – Galway
  • May 24th to 26th – Clogheen
  • September 6th to 8th – Clogheen
  • October 11th to 13th – Galway
  • November 15th to 17th – Wicklow
  • December 6th to 8th – Galway

Please help

If you can help us by acting as a training ‘body’ for the dogs to find, please contact us by clicking on the ‘contact’ menu option.

You can see what’s involved helping as a ‘Dog’s Body’.